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Yeah. I’m back. I’m sorry. I’m lazy. I’m blah.

But anyway, today we return with hardly a review.

My thoughts on the new ST?

I can’t think of any good alternate titles.maxresdefault

characters are good
justin lin is good, he just needs to work with a better cast
the small stuff is good but the overall stuff aint my thing
this is classic ST, the most ST of the 3 films
but at the same time its a lot of ‘been there done’ that type of stuff.

Race Swap


If the Japanese themselves can do this to a major franchise, Hollywood can certainly race swap any character they want when making an adaptation.…

The more I think about the race swap the more accepting I actually am about this. It’s a movie business. Her name is a huge draw. I mean that dumb LUCY movie made 100x it’s budget. It had a budget of 40 million and it made 464 million. It was a horrid movie yet it did so well. Why? Scarlett Johansson. In a way it’s Marvel’s fault cause there still isn’t a Black Widow movie.

And seriously, Motoko doesn’t even look Japanese and the other casting is fine. Hell, Michael Pitt actually sort of reminds me of Kuze and he’s originally based off a half Japanese half Taiwanese actor so whatever.

The biggest “obstacle” of any Japanese adaptation is the language. Sure you can cast someone who looks like the original character but you for sure can’t cast someone who can act and SPEAK English and look like them at the same time. I’m actually surprise they cast Kitano as Aramaki, I mean I didn’t even know he speaks English and if he does its gonna be heavily accented.

Maybe if dubbing was a thing in Hollywood then we might have gotten Rinko Kikuchi but again visually, general audience probably wouldn’t have cared about this movie cause Scarjo is a lot more attractive in the Hollywood sense then Rinko.

That’s the thing with these types of movies. Companies have to make it so it appeals BEYOND the fanbase.

This thinking came when I saw this article about actresses who could and should replace Scarjo.…/six-japanese-actress-could-rep…/
I disagree with all their choices except for Rinko Kikuchi. Whoever wrote that is probably not a fan of ghost in the shell or an actual movie goers who understands how movies work. Winning an Oscar nomination is all good and all but people probably forgot that she did it with a role where she doesn’t even speak. Her other Hollywood film that is also amazing is also another film where she doesn’t speak much English so hence my dubbing comment.

And the other suggestions are just plain bad and uninformed.

Motoko is a hard character to play. She’s this strong and silent type with a gentle side of humanity in her cyborg body. And then you have the harder moral/philosophical stuff that she has to deal with throughout the series. Casting Scarjo makes it much more viable that they make enough movie to have an actual franchise. It’s not the same if you were to cast her with TV star who Japanese with no audience draw with her name.

The easiest way to wipe and clean up this white girl playing Japanese girl is to have a throw away line in the movie about how her current cyborg BODY is a white model rather than a Japanese model. BOOM! Easy fix. That is all that is needed to explain this race swap.

Tho with everything said and done this movie is being produced by avid arad. He sucks. But maybe the screenwriter from Straight Outta Compton and Rise of the Planet of the Apes will write something good that can then be directed by the guy who did Snow White and the Huntsman. But actually, never mind I’m just gonna go reread the manga and watch SAC again.

Okay I’m done here.



That is literally what you’re gonna get with plot details here and I loved it!

I liked:

-the premise/pacing
How they handled everything here is great. Audiences have a lot of work to do in this film. You have to pay attention to dialogue. Details are slowly given and you have to piece everything together. I love that. You’re thrown in the middle of the mix but it’s okay to not understand what is going on. I mean, the tv keeps saying they don’t understand anything and even Joel has no idea what is going on. So, it is totally fine if you don’t get anything for a while. Just accept that confusion and you’re fine. Everything comes together. Give it time.

-the cast
Everyone here is great. They play to their strengths. Joel sort of reminds me of the character that he played in Black Mass, in the sense where he needs to take charge but doesn’t really know what he exactly has to do. Adam plays an interesting character as he is on the other side of things and brings the comedy here and there. He foils the group well enough that it’s okay when the story goes to his side. It could have been easily gone the wrong way and made it irritating whenever they switch perspective but Kylo Ren here was a welcome addition to the screen. Kristin has strength here as she plays the vulnerable but really caring mom convincingly.  Michael is all silent and stoic and it really plays to his strength here. And lastly, Jaedan commands much attention. Despite being surrounded by adults, whenever he has lines, it’s all ears all around. He definitely wasn’t out of his acting ability.  I mean sure, he didn’t have a lot of lines but they were delivered well and skilfully done for his age and this subject matter.  I really loved these characters and they were played to their strength of the actors who portray them.

-the cinematography
it’s simple and lush. The pacing amps up as the film goes and the visuals also changes for the bigger and flash. It works well here as the tone and atmosphere of the shoots really reflected the mentality of the characters as they go through their journey.

Overall feelings: this is the type of sci-fi I wish we get more of. Mystery and intrigue. I mean I’m all for big and flashy and crazy aliens here and there but we gotta have more love for movies like this one and 10 cloverfield lane. Totally deserve a gander and appreciation.

Cleaning Van.


Got some feedbacks from the Bat Soup review and I think I’m gonna keep these short here.

Summary: A woman lives in a van for 15 years in front of a dude’s house. They interact with each other.

So yeah, just watched The Lady in the Van and my thoughts?

I liked:
-the true story factor
I didn’t know it was a true story and it was a pseudo-true story at best. I loved the way they adapted Bennet’s memoirs. Having Jenning’s inner monologue actually show on screen was a good play on the whole ‘based on a true story’ thing. Furthermore, how the movie ends was a nice touch as well. This is how I like my ‘true story’ movies, an actual adaptation made to entertain. I seriously am sick of all these movies who  are just ‘adapatating’ the real life event and not thinking of the actual ‘entertainment’ factor of the movie.  I mean if I want to be educated in the ‘true event’, I’ll go read articles or watch a documentary, not a movie.

-the cast
Maggie Smith is crazy good here. Her commitment to the role is flawless and you really believe that she’s this woman living in a van for 15 years. Thankfully I’m not attached to the Harry Potter films so she wasn’t Professor McGonnagal for me here. I think it also helps that she’s played this character before so she definitely knows what’s she’s doing.
On the other hand, Alex Jenning’s foil to her crazy Margaret was pretty great. I really enjoyed his inner monologues and how he carried himself throughout the film.

-the themes/premise
I really enjoyed the growth that Jenning’s goes through. His view on Margaret is reflected onto his mother and the irony of it all is just sad and great at the same time. It’s not too clear as to why he bothers with it all but it’s a nice gesture that evolves over time and seeing their interaction is just fun and light-hearted but has some deep moments as well.

-the cinematopgrahy
It’s pretty simple. In terms of locales it just Jenning’s writing room and the street. It’s simple but it works. This here works on the characters and let’s you grow with them and experience things with them. So it really depends on if you buy the two actors. If you don’t this movie is not gonna be good to you. Why? Look below.

Potential issues:
this is a BBC production so it’s a British thing. People who watch this should have that in mind or else it’s gonna feel draggy comparative to American films. It does take a while for things to get started so you could say this is a slow burn but I would see it more so on the side of just a different type of pacing.

So there you have it. The Lady in the Van. I haven’t seen a British movie in a while so the change in pace was nice. It somewhat reminded me of Philomen’s pacing though, that movie was much faster and more easily engaging than this one. Here, things are slower and you need time to understand where the characters are coming from and to learn their reasons for struggles. Overall, I enjoyed this in a sense.

Bat Soup


It’s a real soup. Google it, I dare yah!

Anyway, it’s been a while since my last update but I’ve been on a dry spell lately, aka, I’m lazy.

And I’m still lazy actually, despite updating here.

So here are my quick thoughts for the new bat soup movie.

Things I liked:
-Bat family
I actually enjoyed Ben’s portrayal of Bats and Bruce though the playboy aspect was pretty meh and didn’t really fit with this timeline/portrayal/theme. Jeremy was great here as well, I actually liked how hands-on he was during the missions.

-Overall theme
I dug how they had the Greek God mythos all around. The dark and brooding batman works here and the killing also does as well. Superman should had have more to play with though since his name is in the title but I’ll take what I can get.

It’s a Snyder film, he has to get this right at least. Really wish there was more all around.

-Wonder Woman
Gal did a great job here and I’m excited her solo film.

Yeah, Henry is still great here. He does both persona really well. Though it was just lacking in the Kent department.


Things I dislike/Things I thought more about then I disliked it:
-Daily Planet
I just didn’t care for it whatsoever. The scenes at the planet just felt like it didn’t fit the rest of the movie.

-Lois Lane
Again she is here cause its convenient. Her lines are boring and her inclusion in the fight is ‘essential’ but the way she and how it was handled was poorly done.

Some lines were just awkward and didn’t fit the mood/atmosphere of that particular scene

-Lex Luthor
I actually was fine with Jesse as him  in the beginning cause I was like this is just a ‘new’ interpretation or he’s Luthor’s son or whatever. But the more I thought about it the more the whole Jesse style bugged me.  Lex should have been a menacing genius but here he was just plain psychotic and it really didn’t do much for in terms of the tension of the film was building up to.

-Aqua Man
He’s cameo could’ve been cool but his hair floating into his face was dumb.

Overall feeling:
-Missed potential
Took it sweet time to get anywhere. A lot could have been cut out which makes me wonder how in the world is the director’s cut 30 mins longer than this. I wonder if the pacing is ‘better’ with that cut.

-The whole scope of the movie.
If this movie was an ACTUAL prequel to Justice League. I think people’s expectations would have been more realistic. Simply change the name to DAWN OF JUSTICE and throw out Bat Soup’s name and it would have been better already. I mean the ending does lead itself well into solo films but the whole Bat Soup name just didn’t fit with this at all.

-Nostalgia trumps all.
This happened to Episode 7 for me as well. Seeing these visuals made me happy enough and forgive a lot of things. So that’s that.

Anyway, I’m done here. Go check out my channel. I had one time not been lazy and made a video review for some stuff that I didn’t write here. So see yah later!


Call of London


Gerard here was 43 when Olympus fell. He looked bare minimum ‘badass’ for that role. He is now 46 and London has fallen. He looks old and has a ‘I’m too old for this shit’ face. And those close ups of his face throughout the film doesn’t help either.

Anyway, Olympus Has Fallen‘s sequel, the appropriately named, London Has Fallen arrives in theatres near you soon. I have a lot of thoughts in my head about this film and I’ll try to address each thing clearly.

First off, let’s talk about the good stuff.

The actual premise is pretty neat.  You see it a mile away and the title gives it away but having the Prime Minister die and roping in all these big wigs from around the world for the funeral and then offing them one by one is pretty neat (though let’s not talk about the actual chances of this happening with 2 years of planning).

Gerard’s chemistry with his president and the SS director was nice. But it didn’t end well. The moving on with life and I’m having a baby stuff was a nice touch but it didn’t really stick. The humour is interesting as well as there are one liners throughout and some times its a hit but more than often its awkward misses.  And someone remind me, did they cuss a lot in the first one? Cause they do much more in this one.

The close quarter combat is pretty brutal and I don’t mind it at all. It’s a sliver compare to The Raid but all that knife punching action was brutal, effective and contextualized within Butler’s character (some people complain about this but I don’t).

Okay, onto the next stuff, the bad stuff.

A lot of people are dumb here. They are all talk but no substance.  This leads back to the chances of this movie even occurring.  Butler even addresses this and said that they just did a lot of things right. And in actuality, if they killed off one leader, sure but all of them? Nah.  So what do I mean by no substance? Well, a lot of people say they planned everything out and are prepared but this movie occurred. It occurred in a way that just screams poor planning.  It gets worst when the mole is revealed. I for one, would have been totally fine without knowing who the mole was cause when the reveal happened, it was dumb. So if you like mindless action and don’t use your brain (which you should), you’ll probably let things slide but I guarantee you, you will have a limit and start calling out all the dumb things in the movie.

Another example would be the cabinet personnel with VP Freeman. I swear they are all dumb and can’t do their jobs and are no professionals whatsoever. It was dumb, let’s just leave it at that. Also, there’s a MI6 agent and she looks badass and Butler even told the President to “not fuck with her” but there is no scene where it shows her being badass unless you count figuring out a code and shooting someone point-blank badass then, sure.

The editing is all over the place. They use stock footage to establish locations but after the third time with VP Morgan, you know where they are. You don’t need to remind me any more. Cinematography is also inconsistent. Some shots are fine but others just felt like a showcase of skills but instead of skills it was just more of “I don’t know what I’m doing but I heard longs shots are in so let’s do one”. Seriously, there was a sequence where I swear someone watched too many Call of Duty cut scenes or something. It didn’t add anything to the scene nor did it help with the storytelling at all. Oh, the CGI is also laughably bad but then again anything in this scope and scale is gonna look silly regardless so I guess whatever for this. Oh speaking of all over the place, the tone is weird too.  America doesn’t learn anything and its really patriotic here and it gets annoying.

So lastly, the director. I checked him out before the movie started and I had set my expectations appropriately. The director is a Swedish director and this is his first time directing an American film. And I also noticed that RT gave this 18% with 22 reviews. So yeah, I cheated. But it was all good. I would definitely not want to be in this guy’s shoes as the scope of the film was huge and the way he handled that, well, it wasn’t done well but I understood why he did it. For example, Butler and President moves around a lot in this film. So there are a lot of shots edit together of them running from one side of the street to the other. It’s cheap but works? Though it doesn’t look good.

This movie is pretty much a spiritual successor of the Die Hard franchise in a way. First one was in a white house (building) and then the second one was all of London (the 3rd one was all of New York, if I remember correctly) and the change in scope doesn’t really work.  This is largely due to the fact that it’s still the same premise: Protect The President.  When its hallways and corridors its more believable compare to hauling ass in different parts of the city without real context of actual movement.

I said too much already.  Curb your expectations. I’ll remind you though, the first one has 48% but I enjoyed it for what it was despite all the stupid stuff that happened. This one on the other hand, it was a big endeavour and the director didn’t really pull through.  I mean, this one was written by the same folks who did the first one so I’m assuming on paper it was amazingly close to the first one in terms of quality.  I wrote way too much already. Bye.

God Mode


I watched this for Old Boy but lo and behold, this was actually New World’s newest film. So its like two birds with one stone.  I didn’t really know what to expect for this film cause I haven’t seen much hunter films and man, oh man, was I glad I caught this in theatres.  I swear the tiger action sequences itself is worth your time and money.

So yeah, let’s start with the tiger. He should win the Oscar, not the bear.  I really do not know how they did the tiger here.  It’s clearly cgi but there were moments where you just appreciate how beautiful the cgi is.  The tiger is less attractive during the scenes where its by itself in somewhere bright.  The depth of feel and color gradient feels off.  But when its slightly more dark and there are actors in the scene, the tiger literally comes to life and really causes some havoc.  This movie, really shows the potential destructive power a tiger has on a human body.  Its brutal to begin with when you put a tiger and a human in fight but since this is a Korean film, they added a lot more humans and a lot more blood and visceral damage to the human body. It was a love/hate relationship with the tiger being on screen.  I was immersed deeply when the tiger was real but when it felt like cg, I was pulled out of the immersion.

Now, Oldboy himself; he plays a silent and strong father which is something I haven’t seen him do before so that was interesting.  Though the overall plot has him moping a lot and keeps to himself so in essence its not that much of a stretch from his other characters.  Though, I did enjoy the scenes he has with his son as the chemistry was there during both the happy times and the hard-breaking times. Jeong Man-Sik plays his direct opposite; a hunter who is hell-bent on appeasing his addiction to hunting but at the same time show up the Japanese troops.  Jeong at times feels overacted but it probably is due to the fact that everyone else is so underwhelming that whatever he does it feels dramatically different.

Now in terms of cinematography, there’s a lot of forests and town scenery so there’s not much to write home about though there are shots of isolation in the beginning but that atmosphere isn’t that present throughout the film.  I find it ironic that the scenes that were well shot are so little and generic set shots are throughout the film.  I feel like this movie could have benefited from more eye-catching cinematography as I felt the forests itself could have been a more defined character rather than a simple location.  Then again, even some of their lines inferred about the mystical-ness of the mountain and yet not much was done to convey that sense of feeling.

My biggest gripe about this is when the last quarter feels overtly melodramatic and things just falls into place despite what happened prior.  It just felt too perfect and a bit of a stretch for the things that happen to happen.  I mean I totally believe a tiger can and will wipe out a whole platoon of soldiers but for it to understand that a character wants a final showdown of respect and honour? That’s a big stretch. Furthermore, the pacing for this is slow and its not a good slow but rather it just takes things forever to get moving and when it does, you don’t feel like the wait was worth it (well except for the tiger action, that was totally worth it).

So with everything said, the tiger is worth the watch but you just gotta get through a lot of forgettable stuff.

The Voice

Hugh Glass Art 001

So it has come to this. Ole Leo finally succumbed to Oscar Bait. As much as this movie has for nominations, this movie had so much promise and potential.   And sadly, this movie could have been so much shorter and the last quarter is pretty much cannon fodder and a feast for the masses.

Well first off, Emmanuel Lubezki has done it again.  After Gravity and Birdman, he once again brought to the masses amazing cinematography. Birdman had a lot of great tracking shots which really lend itself in portraying constant movement and progress.  This time around, there’s a lot of tracking action shots that are just amazing to watch. At times, it just feels like I’m watching a hyper-real cut-scene from a video game.  The way the camera capture the action was refreshing and fluid.  The scope and atmosphere were really caught throughout the film.  It was really easy to be empathetic with Glass as he goes through the harshness of Mother Nature.

Alejandro G. Iñárritu once again delivered behind the director’s chair. The way the cast is moving and merging seamlessly with the action, the direction for this film is phenomenal. The landscape shots and the use of natural light is amazing.  I know this was shot in sequence and that is a huge undertaking which is just like his ‘long-shots’ in Birdman but I wonder how much and/or if it will be appreciated by average audiences.  I feel in terms of acting it creates a new level of immersion for the cast to stay consistent in their character progression.  Normal films are shot whenever and actors are expected to do whatever scene is being shot that day. But with this format, actors are literally experiencing the same things in the same order as the character.  I do hope that other directors may pick up this costly but curious way of directing so that audiences can see an actual effect of this directing style.

Now, beyond the movie looking pretty and well directed, I felt the story itself was pretty bland.  It had potential. Tom and the natives could have been more developed. The biggest gripe I have is that when Leo comes back to town, the movie feels like it changed genres.  From the beginning, the movie was shot and paced in a way that I don’t think general audiences would appreciate but once that change happens, it totally felt like a film general audiences typically would like. When he went back to town, everything he did, I simply did not care for.  Largely, I felt that the movie was more so on a survival vein rather than a revenge flick. Furthermore, Leo was no longer vulnerable and he became an able body. He literally crawls for a while in the beginning and to see him have a full recovery and be cocky just felt like a cop-out change in character.

I haven’t read the book and I know this film was inspired by the book and that makes me sad that they didn’t take more liberties with the story and make it more compelling.  I mean, sure if this is how things went down between Leo and Tom, then it wasn’t properly build up to.  On another note, props to Will as he was able to stand beside these huge stars and not be left in the dust and I swear Domhnall is now in everything (just can’t wait till Oscar, Tom and Domhnall to be in the same movie, I mean just imagine) and it was nice to see his range here.

So yeah, with all that said, this movie looks great and it was a good try for Leo in trying to win an Oscar. He has a high chance winning but in my Oscars, he didn’t win Best Actor.

Making a Macbeth


ALL HAIL SHAKESPEARE! Studied this when I was in Grade 10 so its been more than a decade since I last visited this story of the humble Thane of Glamis.  My advice for this film is that you should brush up on the actual plot for this before you go in (as in literally just go wiki the play and refresh your memory).

Why?  Let me tell you why.

If you do that, you can focus more on the actual acting, production and direction of this movie.  Monologues are a thing that occurs in plays and they happen here as well.  Though sometimes it’s hard do differentiate a monologue and a dialogue and it detracts from the actual scene. So if one were able to refresh their memory then they might be able to distinguish it better or maybe, it’s just me. Furthermore, if you forgot the finer details of the story and rely on the actual spoken lines, you might get slightly confused.  All the lines here are in Shakespearean English, all of it.  Its not simply the difference between you and thou but rather the ‘chunking’ of sentences.  There are a lot of lines where it feels likes it a run-on sentence and the speaker just keeps speaking and speaking.  If it doesn’t get to you, that’s great but it got to me and it was harder to focus on what was said. The trailer might be edited in a way where it seems like its not but it is, trust me, I just watched this.  So yeah, refresh your memory and it will be better, hopefully.

Anyway, now on to the actual film.

Fassbender and Cotillard were stellar here.  Their (obvious) monologues had a lot of emotion in it and it was great to watch.  The transformation the Macbeths go through is done so well by them.  Comparing when you first met them and when they descend into madness, it just great characters.  The Macbeths here are authentic, convincing and the progression is a logical one.  The vision sequences throughout are depicted with more dialogue rather than visuals and their line deliveries were just great.  They overshadow everybody else in the cast unfortunately but that’s largely due to the actual play itself.  Macduff gets more lines but it just no on par with Fassbender’s performance.  I do wonder if they had cast someone who could really go toe-to-toe with Fassbender, how that would look like.

With the whole movie, one major only gripe I had was the run-on sentences feeling but that was with everybody.  And there are times where the initial lines of dialogue feels strange but that is dependent on how verse you are with Shakespearean English.  One really has to prepare themselves to hearing that sort of line delivery and vocabulary.  I’m the uninitiated as I haven’t heard Shakespearean English in a long time and it took a while to adjust to it.

The production choice is an interesting one.  It seems like a low-budget film yet the scenery chosen and the atmosphere never feels that way.  Furthermore, the cinematography adds to the scope of things and makes it much more grand and intense through editing and slow-motion.  Locations are revisited many times and really does feel like a play. Seeing that this is the director’s third film, I would say a job well done.

All in all, this is an impressive adaptation if one were just recently studying Macbeth.  If you forgot about the actual story and the finer details, this may not be an ideal medium in revisiting this play.

Friendly Fire


Michael Bay has returned and he brings with him the most un-Michael Bay movie ever.  I initially didn’t know it was directed by him.  I was curious about the film due to the fact that Jim from The Office is in it and he’s the main character, not a hardly there supporting one (Aloha); and also the fact that it seem like a controversial film as in operatives went in a place where they didn’t have jurisdiction or the authorization. So lo and behold, when I find out that this is done by the great explosive MB, my expectations sort of went downhill from there.  Controversy and big explosions don’t necessarily match as the authenticity of the ‘based on true story’ is usually thrown out the window for grandeur and Hollywood-ness.  Fortunately, that is not what I got.  Instead, I got a relatively low-key explosive film with lip-service dealt with all sides of the conflict.

So on with the actual review.

This movie gave a Black Hawk Down vibe. It was enjoyable to that sense. I think it reminded me of that movie because it was gritty and tactical.  There wasn’t any glorified action for the sake of it.  It was gritty because they were really going to die in a lot of places and it was simply due to the fact that they were trained and had a stronghold and the other guys weren’t trained and hid behind pillars.  In terms of the action, my only gripe with it was that there were a couple of instances where it clearly was obvious that a bullet was added post-production as the actor did not react whatsoever to a bullet hitting centimetres to his head. In terms of cinematography, it is your standard military flick though there were a few instances of first person perspective that was jarring and could have either been cut or could have included more instances of.  The premise this time is also ‘seen it, been there’ but the subject matter includes more current issues such as contract ex-military personnel and local friendly militia looking exactly like local enemy militia. Beyond anything, this movie addresses the changes of the life overseas and it is a welcome change and a wake-up call for those back at home.

So now with the cast. Jim was great here. He somewhat played an extension to his counterpart in The Office but yet it was appropriate. He’s an ex-military vet who has seen it all so he knows when to be serious and that’s pretty much like Jim.   Jim’s time as the main cast is shared with James Dale who is the leader of the group and it is a welcome change of perspective.  With Jim it is the ‘new guy’ whereas James’ is the ‘guy who deals with the politics’.  This change shows that there are a lot more things going on behind the scenes than just go in gun blazing.   In terms of characters, you get a sense of the group early on and during down time you get to see a glimpse of their lives and their struggles.  The american macho-ism were there but they were called out by other characters so it wasn’t ALL HAIL AMERICA and DIE SCUM! type of vibe which is great cause I think people are getting sick of that in a sense.  I think this movie addresses a huge problem of where vets just have too much of a hard time adjusting to time back home that they rather just come back here. I think the group that will be most offended about this movie probably will be CIA operatives because they whine a lot in this movie and they are severly overacted but that seems to be a standard for MB films so I guess he tone down the explosions but kept this part of his trademark.  But in reality, MB did them a service as it reminds audiences that CIA does not mean I am Jason Bourne.  Then again, there will be Americans who are super upset as to how Libyans are portrayed in this film, there’s always those people.

With everything said, the fact of it all is that this incident occurred and Libyans and Americans were killed (clearly more Libyans than Americans) and people will get angry.  But I won’t join them as this movie is based on a book that is written in the perspective of the Americans during the incident so whatever.  Though, I am glad that MB fixed his mistakes in way as if he watched that Honest Trailer that was released for Pearl Harbour and fixed everything they had issues with and kept the cool stuff. I mean at the end of the day, this gave somewhat of a lip-service to those who died and even the locals who are usually marginalized to people with guns and that’s it.  But the very fact that local militia showed up and helped these Americans says something and its that not all Middle Easterners are from ISIL and that is something I hope those hard-core macho HAIL AMERICA Americans can see and relate to.  But that is hoping for too much and is getting more into social commentary than a movie review.

Anyway, I recommend you checking out this un-MB MB movie when you got some time to spare.  I mean anything that makes  you think of Black Hawk Down is a good thing if you are into that genre, right? Right.

PS: this movie was based off 13 Hours by Mitchell Zuckoff.

PPS: Roy from The Office is also in this.  I am so glad that they settled their differences and could work on the same team.