Yellow Supply Tents


The occupation happened 2 weeks after I left hong kong back in 2014. This is the closest I’ve been to the subject matter of a documentary. I’ve walked those streets those occupiers were on. I understand what they are going through. When it happened, I was reading/watching a lot of the stuff to see where they were gonna go/get accomplished.

So with that said, I’m bias to the cause.

Anyway, do the actual film.

Real props to the director, Chan Tze Woon, for capturing the events on the front lines. 

I enjoyed the narrative as Chan met his subject on day 1 of the occupation and followed them throughout.

The entire doc consists of a lot of casual interviews about political views and the situation they were in.

It’s pretty straightforward and the editing is exceptional as it keeps you engaged as to what are these helpers doing during this occupation.

I feel like I have more to say in terms of social commentary rather than the actual quality of the doc, so I’ll just leave it at that.

The doc did its job, it showed you what happened during those 79 days in Hong Kong and what some of the people went though. Being on the front lines in that city during that time was frightening as Hong Kong was experiencing something it had never experienced. The doc convey that fear really well as citizens were all of sudden confused and angry about the actions of both the government and the police.

I’m no expert at all to this subject matter. I lived in Hong Kong for 14 months prior to it and I probably would’ve just stayed at home if I had stayed behind. So I can’t say and don’t want to get into the right and wrong of this.

I just hope more and more people get a chance to see this doc so that they get an understanding of what happens when a so-called developed place yearns for democracy. Hope that this movie gets more screenings so that when it goes back to Hong Kong, the cinemas there will treat it like the next Ten Years.


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