Xiao Long Baos


You know the feeling when you think the movie is gonna end like in the next minute it actually doesn’t and goes on for another 15?

Well, I do all the time.

However, this is the first time where it actually ended when I wanted to end.

I recommend this movie.

The chemistry between the two leads was exceptional and just really entertaining. The story lend itself well to set these great comedy beats for the two of them. The situation is super serious and they’re probably gonna die so let’s stick this rather amusing dialogue scene in there and it totally works. The foiling of the two worked really well and it was just fun seeing on the screen. Luckily, the other character arcs were decent enough that you didn’t miss the main attraction too much.

The thug boss was menacing and just downright intense. I swear this movie probably has the MOST intense smoking scene in ALL the movies I’ve seen. Man, that tension was nuts and intense.

In terms of vibe and atmosphere this movie goes between comedy duo act to intense drug lord thriller. I really enjoyed it. I gave both sides more to work with as each foil each other really well.

Cinematography wise it was shot well as it really supplemented the atmosphere. The shots when they are lost in the taxi and just trying to find their way, that far out pan really shows how lost and hopeless they are.

I really enjoyed the pacing and narrative. We are introduced to our characters one by one and we see what makes them tick and all that. I enjoyed it even more as characters came and left the screen and the focused changed.  The actual plot is simple and the ending reminds me how 600 Miles with Tim Roth ended; as in the thing that was promised in the beginning of the film to end the interaction was the very thing that ended the film. Love it when it all falls together.

Michael Hui speaking bad Mandarin and then switching to Cantonese was great as I could totally relate. I personally haven’t seen much of his performances so I liked it a lot; though I can’t say the same to audiences who’s seen him in a lot of stuff. So whatever, I enjoyed it. Would totally watch it again because it just hits all the right notes for everything.


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