Junior Detectives


Enjoyed it.

The lead was decent. I enjoyed his portrayal of the extreme in emotion that he had throughout. The two child actresses were exceptional. I was surprised to learn that this was the debut of the younger actress. They really added a lot more emotion and comedy in this.

The bad guy was meh. The politician plot was pretty weak as it was really clear as to what they were really trying to do. Overall story is simple. Props for the team to bring up this classic hero and instilling some new contemporary life into the property. The supporting cast was less developed so it was slow and kinda a bore when the lead and the kids weren’t on screen; though, the innkeeper wasn’t too bad.

The visuals were interesting when they play around with the mist and amped noir-ness. The CGI backgrounds were reminiscent of Sin City so it added another visual aspect to it. It was interesting but it didn’t necessarily added to the overall vibe of the film too much. The tone of the film was never consistent and I wish they had more of the dark stuff around when the lead was in his darker moods.

For what it was, it was enjoyable.

Recommended? I would say so for the child actresses performance alone its worth the entry. And it be a decent enough experience when you tack on the performance by the lead. Cinematography-wise, it’s nothing new and the CGI backgrounds is balancing the line of intriguing usage and gimmicky.



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