John Wick 1.5 : The Origin of Batfleck


Enjoyed it whenever Batfleck was on screen.

The overall plot and supporting cast was pretty bland and lacked presence.

Batfleck and The Punisher was a highlight. Enjoyed their performances. Batfleck’s performance of a high functioning autistic person was belieavable and the stuff they made him go through as a kid is intense and proabbly questionable as to if anyone should be raised like him, but I bought it for the sake of entertainment and not social commentary. I liked his on screen time and that’s good enough for me. Punisher shows up here and there and I liked the tension in his scenes as he seems to be a fly off the handle type of guy but sometimes he’s not, so he’s unpredictable. So I enjoyed that.

In terms of plot, I appreciated how they actually dwell on the accounting side of things longer that I thought they would. And also that probably was my favourite scene of Kendrick which was when her and Batfleck freaked out about what they found out; that was a nice touch. Another thing is that they don’t explain one character and I really enjoyed that. I felt that it could have hampered with pacing and the narrative if they ever explained how the British were.

In terms of action, it’s John Wick all over again and I really enjoyed it. Swift, precise and efficient. There are moments of bodies just flaying at each other but there were moments of great hits shown so props for that (but that really should just be the norm).  Gun choreography was intense as well so I enjoyed that as it was (you could say) more tactical than John Wick. I mean, Neo just plowed through everybody whereas Batfleck here systematically took people down.

The social commentary about autism was appreciated as well. They’re not labels, they’re just different was the message / moral that I got and I appreciated that cause that’s what it is. We’re afraid of differences and unknowns so we label them and make us safer and disregard the feelings of the affected.

JK Simmons had one good scene and his presence was there but not much was done. Kendrick was good at work but when the shit hit the fan and she freaks out it was pretty boring as she didn’t really show a good performance when it mattered. The back and forth with Batfleck was fine but when it went to their backgrounds and motivations, it was pretty dry. Cynthia Addai-Robinson was pretty dry and literally really boring. I looked her up and she’s done a lot of tv so its just more like she’s out of her depth and it just made the scenes she was in really dry.

So overall, watching it for Batfleck and Punisher is good enough. Action is good. Story is pretty meh but hey accounting! Good on yah. But yeah, it’s decent enough for what it is.


PS: I want to check out gavin’s previous film now, Jane Got a Gun. It sounds intriguing. And right, while I’m at it, I should finally go watch warrior as well.


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