Infernal Korean Affairs


I`m back!!!

Oh man, this blows THE ASSASSINATION out of the water.

Dark, gritty, suspense, intense and that cinematography.

Just wow!

Starring the great Song Kang-ho and hot off his new found fame off Train To Busan, Gong Yoo, these two dudes are amazing.

A great cloak and dagger film for the masses. This certainly isn`t up there with the crazy John Le Carre or John Lescroart but for the wider audiences, this will keep you entertain either with the spy stuff or the action and thrills.

The plot is pretty much like THE ASSASSINATION, with the exception that the mission is much bigger and involving many more pieces.

I found that there are a lot more character drama and interest compare to that movie.  I`m trying to think hard about that film and I  can`t seem to remember any stand out roles. Sure I reread my review and it talks about the visuals and set pieces and I agree that those things were more standoutish than the actual characters.

Here in Shadows, the characters are much more important and much more developed and intense.

Shingo Tsurumi  was amazing as he was so intense all the time when he showed up. He`s character added so much more thrills as you could not read what he was going to do. Sometimes it was flat out mental breakdown and sometimes it was calm and composed.

Everyone was great for their roles really. I read a review that it was hard to follow as they don`t really info dump you much about the era and the time they are in. So I guess I paid more attention and didn`t really find it a problem.

I mean it speaks to the fact that the people`s names/roles are not the MOST important thing but rather their relationship and how they are going to react to their circumstances.

Also, the cinematography was great as it really had that sense of dread at times when meetings are being held and you don’t know what is going to go down. The style and camera angles were different from typical ones so that was pretty good. The beginning raid shots were great as seeing all those soldiers crowd out the resistance fighter, it made it so much more dynamic.  The soundtrack was also great and interesting. Sometimes it would kick in in advance to set the mood and you know something is going to go down. Sure, some shot could have benefited with just silence and the sound stage. But overall, it created a good and engaging atmosphere.

So overall, I really hope it gets nominated.

It definitely will help everyone’s careers here, especially Gong Yoo’s.

So yeah, go check it out. You’ll enjoy it.



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