Race Swap


If the Japanese themselves can do this to a major franchise, Hollywood can certainly race swap any character they want when making an adaptation. http://kotaku.com/why-attack-on-titans-most-popular-charact…

The more I think about the race swap the more accepting I actually am about this. It’s a movie business. Her name is a huge draw. I mean that dumb LUCY movie made 100x it’s budget. It had a budget of 40 million and it made 464 million. It was a horrid movie yet it did so well. Why? Scarlett Johansson. In a way it’s Marvel’s fault cause there still isn’t a Black Widow movie.

And seriously, Motoko doesn’t even look Japanese and the other casting is fine. Hell, Michael Pitt actually sort of reminds me of Kuze and he’s originally based off a half Japanese half Taiwanese actor so whatever.

The biggest “obstacle” of any Japanese adaptation is the language. Sure you can cast someone who looks like the original character but you for sure can’t cast someone who can act and SPEAK English and look like them at the same time. I’m actually surprise they cast Kitano as Aramaki, I mean I didn’t even know he speaks English and if he does its gonna be heavily accented.

Maybe if dubbing was a thing in Hollywood then we might have gotten Rinko Kikuchi but again visually, general audience probably wouldn’t have cared about this movie cause Scarjo is a lot more attractive in the Hollywood sense then Rinko.

That’s the thing with these types of movies. Companies have to make it so it appeals BEYOND the fanbase.

This thinking came when I saw this article about actresses who could and should replace Scarjo. https://ca.news.yahoo.com/…/six-japanese-actress-could-rep…/
I disagree with all their choices except for Rinko Kikuchi. Whoever wrote that is probably not a fan of ghost in the shell or an actual movie goers who understands how movies work. Winning an Oscar nomination is all good and all but people probably forgot that she did it with a role where she doesn’t even speak. Her other Hollywood film that is also amazing is also another film where she doesn’t speak much English so hence my dubbing comment.

And the other suggestions are just plain bad and uninformed.

Motoko is a hard character to play. She’s this strong and silent type with a gentle side of humanity in her cyborg body. And then you have the harder moral/philosophical stuff that she has to deal with throughout the series. Casting Scarjo makes it much more viable that they make enough movie to have an actual franchise. It’s not the same if you were to cast her with TV star who Japanese with no audience draw with her name.

The easiest way to wipe and clean up this white girl playing Japanese girl is to have a throw away line in the movie about how her current cyborg BODY is a white model rather than a Japanese model. BOOM! Easy fix. That is all that is needed to explain this race swap.

Tho with everything said and done this movie is being produced by avid arad. He sucks. But maybe the screenwriter from Straight Outta Compton and Rise of the Planet of the Apes will write something good that can then be directed by the guy who did Snow White and the Huntsman. But actually, never mind I’m just gonna go reread the manga and watch SAC again.

Okay I’m done here.


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