That is literally what you’re gonna get with plot details here and I loved it!

I liked:

-the premise/pacing
How they handled everything here is great. Audiences have a lot of work to do in this film. You have to pay attention to dialogue. Details are slowly given and you have to piece everything together. I love that. You’re thrown in the middle of the mix but it’s okay to not understand what is going on. I mean, the tv keeps saying they don’t understand anything and even Joel has no idea what is going on. So, it is totally fine if you don’t get anything for a while. Just accept that confusion and you’re fine. Everything comes together. Give it time.

-the cast
Everyone here is great. They play to their strengths. Joel sort of reminds me of the character that he played in Black Mass, in the sense where he needs to take charge but doesn’t really know what he exactly has to do. Adam plays an interesting character as he is on the other side of things and brings the comedy here and there. He foils the group well enough that it’s okay when the story goes to his side. It could have been easily gone the wrong way and made it irritating whenever they switch perspective but Kylo Ren here was a welcome addition to the screen. Kristin has strength here as she plays the vulnerable but really caring mom convincingly.  Michael is all silent and stoic and it really plays to his strength here. And lastly, Jaedan commands much attention. Despite being surrounded by adults, whenever he has lines, it’s all ears all around. He definitely wasn’t out of his acting ability.  I mean sure, he didn’t have a lot of lines but they were delivered well and skilfully done for his age and this subject matter.  I really loved these characters and they were played to their strength of the actors who portray them.

-the cinematography
it’s simple and lush. The pacing amps up as the film goes and the visuals also changes for the bigger and flash. It works well here as the tone and atmosphere of the shoots really reflected the mentality of the characters as they go through their journey.

Overall feelings: this is the type of sci-fi I wish we get more of. Mystery and intrigue. I mean I’m all for big and flashy and crazy aliens here and there but we gotta have more love for movies like this one and 10 cloverfield lane. Totally deserve a gander and appreciation.


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