Bat Soup


It’s a real soup. Google it, I dare yah!

Anyway, it’s been a while since my last update but I’ve been on a dry spell lately, aka, I’m lazy.

And I’m still lazy actually, despite updating here.

So here are my quick thoughts for the new bat soup movie.

Things I liked:
-Bat family
I actually enjoyed Ben’s portrayal of Bats and Bruce though the playboy aspect was pretty meh and didn’t really fit with this timeline/portrayal/theme. Jeremy was great here as well, I actually liked how hands-on he was during the missions.

-Overall theme
I dug how they had the Greek God mythos all around. The dark and brooding batman works here and the killing also does as well. Superman should had have more to play with though since his name is in the title but I’ll take what I can get.

It’s a Snyder film, he has to get this right at least. Really wish there was more all around.

-Wonder Woman
Gal did a great job here and I’m excited her solo film.

Yeah, Henry is still great here. He does both persona really well. Though it was just lacking in the Kent department.


Things I dislike/Things I thought more about then I disliked it:
-Daily Planet
I just didn’t care for it whatsoever. The scenes at the planet just felt like it didn’t fit the rest of the movie.

-Lois Lane
Again she is here cause its convenient. Her lines are boring and her inclusion in the fight is ‘essential’ but the way she and how it was handled was poorly done.

Some lines were just awkward and didn’t fit the mood/atmosphere of that particular scene

-Lex Luthor
I actually was fine with Jesse as him  in the beginning cause I was like this is just a ‘new’ interpretation or he’s Luthor’s son or whatever. But the more I thought about it the more the whole Jesse style bugged me.  Lex should have been a menacing genius but here he was just plain psychotic and it really didn’t do much for in terms of the tension of the film was building up to.

-Aqua Man
He’s cameo could’ve been cool but his hair floating into his face was dumb.

Overall feeling:
-Missed potential
Took it sweet time to get anywhere. A lot could have been cut out which makes me wonder how in the world is the director’s cut 30 mins longer than this. I wonder if the pacing is ‘better’ with that cut.

-The whole scope of the movie.
If this movie was an ACTUAL prequel to Justice League. I think people’s expectations would have been more realistic. Simply change the name to DAWN OF JUSTICE and throw out Bat Soup’s name and it would have been better already. I mean the ending does lead itself well into solo films but the whole Bat Soup name just didn’t fit with this at all.

-Nostalgia trumps all.
This happened to Episode 7 for me as well. Seeing these visuals made me happy enough and forgive a lot of things. So that’s that.

Anyway, I’m done here. Go check out my channel. I had one time not been lazy and made a video review for some stuff that I didn’t write here. So see yah later!



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