Call of London


Gerard here was 43 when Olympus fell. He looked bare minimum ‘badass’ for that role. He is now 46 and London has fallen. He looks old and has a ‘I’m too old for this shit’ face. And those close ups of his face throughout the film doesn’t help either.

Anyway, Olympus Has Fallen‘s sequel, the appropriately named, London Has Fallen arrives in theatres near you soon. I have a lot of thoughts in my head about this film and I’ll try to address each thing clearly.

First off, let’s talk about the good stuff.

The actual premise is pretty neat.  You see it a mile away and the title gives it away but having the Prime Minister die and roping in all these big wigs from around the world for the funeral and then offing them one by one is pretty neat (though let’s not talk about the actual chances of this happening with 2 years of planning).

Gerard’s chemistry with his president and the SS director was nice. But it didn’t end well. The moving on with life and I’m having a baby stuff was a nice touch but it didn’t really stick. The humour is interesting as well as there are one liners throughout and some times its a hit but more than often its awkward misses.  And someone remind me, did they cuss a lot in the first one? Cause they do much more in this one.

The close quarter combat is pretty brutal and I don’t mind it at all. It’s a sliver compare to The Raid but all that knife punching action was brutal, effective and contextualized within Butler’s character (some people complain about this but I don’t).

Okay, onto the next stuff, the bad stuff.

A lot of people are dumb here. They are all talk but no substance.  This leads back to the chances of this movie even occurring.  Butler even addresses this and said that they just did a lot of things right. And in actuality, if they killed off one leader, sure but all of them? Nah.  So what do I mean by no substance? Well, a lot of people say they planned everything out and are prepared but this movie occurred. It occurred in a way that just screams poor planning.  It gets worst when the mole is revealed. I for one, would have been totally fine without knowing who the mole was cause when the reveal happened, it was dumb. So if you like mindless action and don’t use your brain (which you should), you’ll probably let things slide but I guarantee you, you will have a limit and start calling out all the dumb things in the movie.

Another example would be the cabinet personnel with VP Freeman. I swear they are all dumb and can’t do their jobs and are no professionals whatsoever. It was dumb, let’s just leave it at that. Also, there’s a MI6 agent and she looks badass and Butler even told the President to “not fuck with her” but there is no scene where it shows her being badass unless you count figuring out a code and shooting someone point-blank badass then, sure.

The editing is all over the place. They use stock footage to establish locations but after the third time with VP Morgan, you know where they are. You don’t need to remind me any more. Cinematography is also inconsistent. Some shots are fine but others just felt like a showcase of skills but instead of skills it was just more of “I don’t know what I’m doing but I heard longs shots are in so let’s do one”. Seriously, there was a sequence where I swear someone watched too many Call of Duty cut scenes or something. It didn’t add anything to the scene nor did it help with the storytelling at all. Oh, the CGI is also laughably bad but then again anything in this scope and scale is gonna look silly regardless so I guess whatever for this. Oh speaking of all over the place, the tone is weird too.  America doesn’t learn anything and its really patriotic here and it gets annoying.

So lastly, the director. I checked him out before the movie started and I had set my expectations appropriately. The director is a Swedish director and this is his first time directing an American film. And I also noticed that RT gave this 18% with 22 reviews. So yeah, I cheated. But it was all good. I would definitely not want to be in this guy’s shoes as the scope of the film was huge and the way he handled that, well, it wasn’t done well but I understood why he did it. For example, Butler and President moves around a lot in this film. So there are a lot of shots edit together of them running from one side of the street to the other. It’s cheap but works? Though it doesn’t look good.

This movie is pretty much a spiritual successor of the Die Hard franchise in a way. First one was in a white house (building) and then the second one was all of London (the 3rd one was all of New York, if I remember correctly) and the change in scope doesn’t really work.  This is largely due to the fact that it’s still the same premise: Protect The President.  When its hallways and corridors its more believable compare to hauling ass in different parts of the city without real context of actual movement.

I said too much already.  Curb your expectations. I’ll remind you though, the first one has 48% but I enjoyed it for what it was despite all the stupid stuff that happened. This one on the other hand, it was a big endeavour and the director didn’t really pull through.  I mean, this one was written by the same folks who did the first one so I’m assuming on paper it was amazingly close to the first one in terms of quality.  I wrote way too much already. Bye.


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