More or Less


I don’t remember the last time I watched a My Cocaine film where he was the main lead. Actually, the only time where I did was back in The Italian Job. I think I’ll probably go try to see more films with him as the lead. I’m sick of seeing him as random supporting roles so it was really refreshing to see him play the lead here. This movie attracted me cause Paul Dano and Rachel Weisz is in it and to be honest, if they were I’ll be even more impartial to this. Fortunately, this film was enjoyable and insightful.

I haven’t seen This Must Be the Place so I can’t say much of Sorrentino’s second English feature film though it is a pretty standard drama film; nothing to write home about. So largely, this film depends on if you care about the actual premise and/or interested in the cast.

Paul and Rachel were foils the two old guys well.  Paul is always an interesting watch, really hope he gets a breakout role and gets widely recognized.  Though Rachel’s arc somewhat flounders and doesn’t get flesh out as much as I would like as more things are inferred rather than shown.

Keitel’s role is also kinda strange as the 3/4 mark, it solely focuses on his career and his issues but its a very abrupt transition from his story to Mike’s. I would have likened it if his presence was bigger as he feels like a supporting but when the transition happens he is the lead and Mike is just off to the side somewhere.  He brings the humor and the chuckles and its a highlight as most of the movie is rather dry and just insightful.

My Cocaine’s acting is what you expect from him so no complaints as it largely depends on how you feel about him which really isn’t saying much. Then again, most people would only watch this for him more than watching it for Sorrentino’s second English feature.

Anyway, to the actual plot.  The core premise is dealing with being old and how the world gets stuck on one specific achievement rather than your entire career.  It’s a pretty obvious discovery though it is littered throughout smaller arcs about dealing with age and how family relationships are.  It is all over the place and its not a good thing as it detracts from the focus. I mean its an interesting premise but the execution was just rather lackluster.  It does have a good pacing in regards with the subject matter and few scenes are rather memorable but the movie overall is forgettable.

I think the trailers for this doesn’t help either as it seems to paint it in a rather raunchy light with the nudity which doesn’t bring much to the table.

So what am I trying to say? Nothing much really.  Good premise but lackluster execution with acceptable performances with a memorable scene here and there. Does that interest you? If so, totally go check it out. If not, then move along.



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