Lincoln Letter


So the other day, I caught an advance-screening of this on 70mm and it was great.  From the overture to the intermission to the credit roll, this movie was just pure and full of Tarantino goodness.

So yes, if you don’t like his movies, you won’t like this one either. BUT! You still should go see it strictly on the notion of its cinematic value of using 70mm and using the same lenses they filmed stuff like Ben-Hur on.  Seriously, go watch it.

Anyway, on to the movie.

Plot is straightforward and simple. It ends up being a mystery type of who done it sort of thing. I enjoyed that aspect greatly.  I was just really playing the guessing game straight from the beginning when the characters are introduced and it was fun.

The sound here.  Great sound.  The score is just really awesome and it fits with this movie really well. I seriously could listen to the overture over and over again, no questions asked.

The cast here is also great.  I’m so glad to have Samuel L Jackson play the main main guy. Sure, Kurt Russell is here but this movie is more about Jackson than him despite circumstances.  Jackson is just great. It’s like a reminder to all that he can still act and that he’s not just simply a supporting character, I mean seriously, most of  his recent stuff he’s played supporting.

Everyone else is great on their role but I would have to say that Walton Goggins knocks it out of the park with his performance.  Goggins has always been in the background playing great background or side roles but here he is amazing as a supporting character.  It was just enjoyable to see his range and what he did on screen.

Tarantino does it again with his great direction with dialogue. This movie essentially takes place in a huge cabin and that’s it. Despite that, the cast can bring such a great performance and make things constantly interesting.  To me, there was never a dead beat.  If no one talked, the camera did the storytelling and it was just great/

Okay, the 70mm. Is it a fad? No. Definitely not. 48 FPS is a fad. Seriously, if 48 FPS is the ‘future’ of cinema I rather them just make 70mm cheaper and more accessible so more films can even consider doing that and not losing a huge chunk of their budget.  The landscape shots here just sets the tone and mood so much more.  It’s just great.

So praise all around.  It was really awesome to experience the overture and the intermission.  It was a nice touch to make you experience the same thing that people did back in the day.  So yeah, go watch this.  Don’t wait.  Seriously, don’t wait till this comes out on normal format. The 70mm is definitely a treat worth your while.


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