Hobbitjay Part ?


Finally.  We have gotten pass this phase of hunger games.  I swear there better not be any prequels or whatever, you do not deserve that.  But then again, it probably will sell; I mean look at Grey or the HP prequels (those are totally allowed; heck write an entire 8 book trilogy about American wizards; I dare yah, JK!)

Anyway, just like Hobbit Part 3 ( which should not have existed), I ‘had’ to go watch this since I saw the first 3 already, so gotta do this.  And man, it was much worst.

I blame this entirely on people around me who were saying this movie was ‘good’.

To them it might have been amazing or whatever but to me, to sum it up, the entire film felt like it was a VERY high production student film.

Reasons? Screenplay.

The overall premise of this film was fine.  Rebel, go to capital, kill Snow. Easy peasy.  Done deal, it was set from the get-go that this old dude had it coming.

But the process, the trip, the whatever you call it, in getting to him was just horrid.

The acting was just so uncomfortably stiff and character lines were just abysmal. I mean yes I know this is a YA adaptation but do you have to wipe our faces with it to remind us that? Like that scene where the 2 dudes talk about kissing was just….really? Really? Is this straight from the book? Cause if it is, I’m totally glad I didn’t read it.

Seriously, it was only 30 minutes in when I checked my watch to see how much longer I had to sit through. 30 minutes! That’s slightly longer than a comedy on tv nowadays and I couldn’t even stand it.

Characters came in and out and were literally red shirts with nothing to add.  It was just Katniss featuring people to die.  It felt like they just threw a group together and didn’t know what to do with them. Sure, you could argue that those characters were established in PART ONE but no, they hardly were and for them NOT to develop them here is again a huge waste of time.

Though! It had its good moments. I really liked how Katniss couldn’t talk in the beginning and she struggled when she tried.  They should have played that out as that is her ultimate weakness as her greatest weapon is not her bow but her speeches.  I was really surprise how fast she recovered.  Peeta having fits.  I swear that did not require a WHOLE movie to set up.  Part 1 could have been condensed into like 30 minutes and viola! Mockingjay Part NOTHING! It totally could have been ONE movie.  Finnick’s scenes had somewhat of an impact cause he’s been around since movie 2 but how it happen was just lame. And oh, the traps were cool I guess, but then again its not about a game when the movie is about a mockingjaypart2? So that was too bad, the traps were cool and is the best thing about this franchise.

I don’t know. I wrote too much for this already. I would rather watch The Night Before than see this ever again.

And lastly, I appreciate what J. Law brought to the world of female characters but damn, females can get angry too, you know? Ask Theron.

PS: My 2 fav characters in this series were hardly in this movie and I totally disapprove. Effie Trinket saved movie 2 for me. Really, it did.


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