Caller I.D saves lives.


I saw the trailer and found the premise intriguing.  And I am glad that I saw this directorial debut by Kim Bong-ju.

The premise is simple but with a sci-fi spin and I am really glad that the spin was just a given and not a huge part of the plot.  I like this because it’s just a thing that the director expects you to accept and not dwell on the actual science behind it. No hand-holding required nor allowed.

The pacing and editing does a great job in creating a believable world.  Again the director doesn’t hold the audiences hand because there are no time stamps and the such but rather it is up to the audience to remember which characters and their personalities are from which time.  I quite enjoy that as it asked the audience to pay attention.  And it starts with even the first few scenes and that is great as it’s the format of the rest of the movie.

Character desperation and tension is vivid and on both fronts as time is jumping back and forth.  Furthermore, you can seen the helplessness when things in the past affects the present.  I had a huge sense of hope for the outcome of this film. Normally, I would want a realistic ending in where logic trumps clichés but here I was really hopeful for a good ending.  The premise of before and after effects really gives a sense of hope that a happy ending is a possibility. Sure more characterization could have occur in terms of the daughter and the lead detective but I would have found that to detract from the narrative which is strictly from the husband in 2015 and the wife in 2014. And I’m not too sure on the whole ‘humanization’ of the killer as I felt it would have been more authentic if he was just stone-cold rather than have some redeeming qualities.

Overall, the cinematography is what is great here.  The characters and plot-line are not epic in proportion but it does a decent job and what’s wrong with decent? Nothing.


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