The Assassin


Sorry, not that The Assassin but rather Mr. Bond the Assassin.  Like seriously, I’m not even joking. He’s no British spy anymore but rather simply an assassin.

Anyway, onwards to the review.

So we have Sam Mendes getting behind the director’s chair once again and once again good ole JB fails again in the world of sequels.  Yes, this too, like Quantum, is a sequel and luckily for us, it’s a much better film than Quantum but then again it’s not saying much.  Though I’ll have you know that this film had a great opening sequence, albeit, a pretty illogical spy mishap which leads to a cool practical effect with a helicopter (see MI5, use practical effects as something cool AND as narration).

This movie had a lot going for it really.  The cast was looking great.  Christoph Waltz playing the villain. Bautista coming off his Guardians fame. And lo and behold, Monica Belluci playing a Bond Girl? What is going on!?

Alas, it was too good to be true. Pretty lame screenplay with most of the characters except for probably Team Support Bond (Q had a lot more screentime, M seems to fitting the shoes well and Money Penny left the office).  Waltz grand scheme was tiresome and just felt like they shoehorned this whole Spectre thing into it just to please fans. I mean seriously, if you were to have this scheme at least make the motivation worthwhile cause being jealous is pretty lacking.  Bautista was just used as homage to those crazy henchmans but didnt do much beside showing us he had metal thumbnails.  Belluci was seriously just so disappointing, especially after how MI5 dealt with their female lead.  I mean she could have been actually used rather than just show up. Léa Seydoux was great in The Lobster but totally failed here in terms of anything ‘new’ in terms of Bond Girl; from what I heard she was more than a Bond Girl but from what I saw, she was your typical Bond Girl.

Anyway, enough of the cast/story.

So like I said, the opening sequence was really pretty to look at.  And that’s pretty much it. Nothing else really stood out for me except for that huge explosion that apparently got into the Guinness World Record for biggest on set explosion.

For me, Spectre was a mess.  And it didn’t gain any more points where its plot was pretty much the same as MI5 and Skyfall.  I mean you have an agency in trouble from the government (00 and MIF) and a personal vendetta.  So yeah, sigh. Too bad. Wish it was better but it wasn’t.

BUT! Daniel Craig looks a lot better here as JB compared to Skyfall. I can definitely see another Bond or two from here.  He looked really old for some reason in  Skyfall.



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