Black Mess

Video Review: English Cantonese

Seriously this movie was one imaginary hour too long. The movie clocks in at 2 hours but it felt more like a 3 hour movie which is ironic because if the actual movie was 3 hours it probably would have been more fleshed out and a lot more ‘enjoyable’.

I mean seriously, everyone in this film was fine. Johnny returns to form and shows that he can be a ‘badass’ rather than a bumbling dude with an inch thick of make-up on for most of his films. Joel actually has character development throughout the film, actually though, he’s the only that really changes throughout the entire film.  And everyone else? They were fine with what they were given.

I feel like with this movie I have more things to say in terms of how it could have been better than say what this film was actually trying to do. I mean in all seriousness, I do not want to be the reviewer who thinks of all the ways a movie can be better (this is why THE ASSASSIN review is taking forever to write). But when a movie has a solid cast and plot and delivers this? It makes it all that much easier to do.

I mean this movie largely creates a world of violence and ‘bad stuff’ and its compelling to a point even though you hardly see the illegal activities that occur but simply mentioned throughout the film.  The plot devices and the character motivations are clear cut but it just seem the writing didn’t want that to take precedent but rather let’s just reinforce the badassdom of Johnny through and through the entire film.  There are many character sub plots scattered throughout and I think if they actually managed to flesh those story points out, the movie would have been so much more enjoyable; this is why I say if the movie was actually 3 hours it might have done better.

So it is sad to see that the team behind this just wanted to show off the one thing that everyone came to see which was Johnny being violent and all in all. That in of itself wasn’t even done well as he was the same person throughout and there was no highs or lows for his character which made his character super bland and predictable.  I mean seriously, the first time he says “I need to talk to you”, it has tension and you’re guessing as to what is going down but when the same thing goes down every single time he says the line, there is no tension and you’re just sitting there waiting for him to get violent.

Again, it is all sad to see how this movie played out. Good characters, compelling storyline (of a mob boss’ rise to power despite all things) and a solid cast should be used much more critically. So there you have it, how I felt about Black Mess.

Tidbit: I heard how this movie is pretty much a 2015 wannabe of Goodfellas and people didn’t like that. I haven’t even seen Goodfellas and I still didn’t like this movie.


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