Stay on the trail

First off, I feel all couples should watch this as it will help them with future couple problems. Second, all those who want to venture off the trail and go on a ‘real’ adventure should also watch this. And if somehow, a couple also has that knack for going off the rails, they should definitely watch this. You are welcome. And, oh yeah, hope you have a strong stomach.

Anyway, the movie.

Holy smokes!

Just wow. Everything here was done so well. Characters were well defined and fleshed out (for a 92 min movie with just 2 main characters).  I was actually surprised with how much characterization actually happened. I thought it could have easily been character troupes and leave it at that but there were a lot of conflict throughout the film and a lot of growth both personal and communal. With that said, it makes the film so much better when you can connect with them so well. Cinematography was done so well here to encompass the atmosphere of the woods. It changes as the characters’ situations turns for the worst. I really enjoyed this as you can clearly see the characters’ emotions displayed through how the woods are filmed. In the beginning there are a lot of nature documentary shots but when the leads find themselves in a rather unfortunate change of events, the woods themselves also change.  Sound is used well here as well and goes to add to the atmosphere and the characters’ feelings.

Overall, audiences can feel the characters really well due to everything being done well. Even the lame horror troupes of doing stupid things are justified through the story and characters.  This movie is really all about feeling what the characters feel. The tension and the helplessness really speak through the screens. The atmosphere building is just done really well that I can sum up pretty much why the movie was so good with so little words. One thing though would be the pacing, as it really isn’t your typical ‘paced’ movie as in you can’t really know what to expect. And that would stem from the fact that this is the director’s directorial debut ( as informed by my specialist of film) and you can tell short film influences are abound as scenes are built and there isn’t one true climatic climax in the film but rather a lot of things happen through.

One thing that would be a hard-sell would be people who haven’t gone camping or grown up with Be Safe in the Woods stories (play dead when you see a bear, or run faster than the other person to escape a bear) because the movie is a lot more intense because audiences can connect with the realism behind the premise. We (some of us) had times in the woods and have experience what they experience in the movie on a much smaller scale. The times when everywhere we look, it looks the same. Or, when we are trying to get our bearings so we can keep going the right direction.

At the end of the day, I feel this movie did what Gravity did to space and that is to make bears really freaking scary forces of nature. So all in all, I totally recommend this.  You can watch it for the thrills or simply watch how it was filmed so well. And oh yeah, this is Canadian and surprisingly enough this was the director’s directorial debut (wow), support it!


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