American Spoon

I really think Kristin Stewart should be treated without the baggage of the trilogy that made her famous. To me, she definitely is someone to watch out for or at least check the trailer she is in.

Anyway, back to the movie.

American Ultra, a stoner-action-comedy flick. Directed by the dude that did Project X, we have a movie starring facebook guy and bella in a movie where they are stoned and there are action sequences at times. If you are curious about that and will be satisfied by that premise, I totally recommend you to check it out.

Facebook guy performs as he is known to perform but add a bit of smart/amusing action sequences. His role is fine and he did what one would expect to do with this role and his acting ability.  His stoner vibe is totally believable especially during the times where it seems like he just said something supremely profound. Bella on the other hand, playing the loving support character also did what she is known for and it works here. It  feels like Max Landis (the writer) just wrote characters just for these actors so it definitely doesn’t feel awkward at all throughout the film.  I think it largely depends on how you personally feel about facebook guy and bella, I’m fine with both of them so I actually could enjoyed the film.  If you didn’t, I don’t think you should watch this cause beside Topher Grace and Connie Britton, there’s no one else in this film. Topher Grace is somewhat an exaggerated character throughout the film but what do you expect when a film is about a stoner sleeper agent?

Now in terms of cinematography, it feels like an attempt at an indie film. The camera angles used aren’t all Hollywood conventionally ones and even dialogues scenes had some nice perspectives in them.  The action is pretty cool and brutal in the vein of John Wick as in quick and precise. So if you were expecting some crazy drawn out fight scene, there isn’t much of that here.  In terms of story and comedy, I felt like it did what it needed to do but it could have gone much further than it did here.  The stoner comedy comes and goes but it is enjoyable. The action is quick and swift (which is appreciated since the norm these days seems to be make everyone superman and just not die).

I feel like this movie won’t be received as well as it should be due to the audiences’ expectations of just being blown away by the R rating.  I think we are all now so ‘verse’ in terms of story plotlines we just cannot be satisfied. However, with that said, the premise itself and its execution is pretty good here with said plot.  So go in and don’t think too much and just enjoy some stoner sleeper agent action comedy.


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