You jump, I jump!

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I haven’t seen Wilson in anything lately.  I skipped his The Internship cause I’m pretty much sick of Vince Vaughn; so I was glad that he is finally in a leading role again and plus James Bond (Pierce Bronsnan) is in it as well!

So basically this film is about Wilson and his family going off to some place that probably is Thailand and then cause of some civil right movement, people start killing foreigners and lo and behold Wilson and his family are foreigners so a mad scramble to save their lives ensues.

Being a family movie, the family chemistry is really good here.  The family moves due to some mishap with Wilson’s job. His wife shows a bit of discomfort about the move but the kids are just totally kids and I really bought the whole family unit here. Having kids tagging along for the ride also increases the risk factor here and actually makes for some intense moments (though, one sequence could be considered taken too seriously and becomes humorous rather than tension-building). Wilson does a good job portraying a father who is seems lost due to his job but then is forced to take control as his family’s lives are at stake. Pierce Bronsnan needed more screen-time but when he is actually around he was utilized well.

The tension is really high throughout the film as you know the stakes are high and people are dying left and right. I actually forgot to check who directed this before I saw it so there were times where I was thinking would they do hollywood action or indie stuff, so that probably added on my tension and ‘thrills’.  Now having check who directed it, he has been working with small budgets to make big splashes and it’s clear here as well. There really isn’t much variety in terms of sets as they are just running around in alleys and damaged buildings.

In terms of actual plot, it’s a rather simple one and this is where I find problems. Having a simple plot means character development should be the focus.  However, there are many seeds planted in terms of sub-plots but they are never developed which is sad as it would have added more layers on a rather ‘solid’ escape film.  Furthermore, there aren’t many people in this films in where you care for them.  For sure, the family is the front and foremost character you care for cause we started with them but sadly the movie makes it rather a ‘superhuman’ aspect when there aren’t other people around experiencing the same things as the Wilson family went through.  I believe the film would have been a lot more enjoyable if there were more sub-plots and a bigger cast. Both of these things would have made the movie more realistic and tone down the ‘superhuman’ factor of how Wilson’s family even survives the things they survive.

Overall, this movie has a lot of tension and its great to see Wilson in a the lead role again.  But there are problems that could have been easily fixed. Though I have to say this movie is a lot … A LOT better than the last one I saw with Pierece Brosnan in (Survivor was horrible).


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