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Video review:
English Cantonese

Well, here we go again.

After last year’s Battle of Gods and the introduction of Beerus and Whis (who are now my favourite DBZ characters), we have the Resurrection of Freiza.

The plot is rather simple as Freiza has now been resurrected and he has trained to get his revenge on Goku.

Throw in Beerus and Whis and we have some interesting power scaling finally. Last year’s Battle of Gods expanded the world of DBZ and broke the ceiling that Goku was the strongest being in the franchise.  This really adds an interesting play on the narrative and I really enjoyed what they did here in Resurrection.

One thing that I didn’t really enjoyed about Battle of Gods was that it was basically about Beerus and Goku, as in they were the only ones actually fighting. I mean, I did enjoy the whole flipping DBZ Goku but it just didn’t feel right with the rest of the cast. Here on the other hand, did allow for some folks to show up and use their signature moves (seriously, makankosappo sounds SO MUCH better than SPECIAL CANNON BEAM, sorry, dubbed is just stupid for me).  There was also more (if you can call it that) development of the supporting characters than last time around, though it largely fell on the two new characters of the last movie; both Beerus and Whis got a lot more screen-time and a lot more to show off/remind us how powerful they are.

Now in terms of the actual narrative of this movie, I enjoyed it. I sort of didn’t see that ending coming and sure it wasn’t a FIGHT TO THE DEATH fight (those days are gone when you can have God-status / the good ole days of the anime) it still was an acceptable narrative as it was really a simple plot to begin with.

Now the fights, I would say improved on what was shown in the last one, the blend of both 2D animation and CG was almost not noticeable but it was when it got a tad bit more flashy than normal.

So with all that said, there was no really intense / super memorable moment in the film and I feel that is what some fans will have gripes about. I don’t blame them as the anime had some really intense and ground-breaking fights so if you can sort of not really have that expectation, Resurrection F is entertaining enough in both the character development, humour and action departments.

So please excuse me now though as I try to find Japanese audio for this.


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