Dread Pirate Roberts

So the dark net. I have been very curious about this side of the internet and lo and behold I randomly find a doc about that side of life.

This doc isn’t a general info dump on what the dark net is but actually it focuses on the events pertaining around Silk Road ( an amazon-like place for drugs and stuff) and covers the trial Ross Ulbricht, the supposed owner of the Silk Road.

A side note is that Alex Winter is the director and you might know him from Bill & Ted as Bill and Ted also shows up as the narrator.

This doc consists largely of narration, interviews and personal clips to convey the story of Ulbricht and his trials.  It starts off by introducing what the dark net is and then it quickly focuses on this particular case. There’s also a plea of defence vibe throughout as Ulbrict’s parents are interview and they insist that he is innocent of the more serious charges of his trial. Winters does a good job in terms of showing pretty convincing footage as to the Ulbrict might be more innocent than people think. I find this style much more engaging than just simply info dumping what the case is about and what led to his arrest and etc. You feel committed to the case to see if an innocent man is really as innocent as we are led to believed.

Keanu Reeves does a good job narrating as he keeps his calm and cool throughout while dealing with this subject matter.

Overall, this is a solid documentary. An overlying subject matter and then a focus on a specific thing but yet still keeps audiences engaged in its subject matter. If you knew nothing about the dark net, this would be a doc for you as it keeps things rather general and then focuses on this case which enables people to learn more about the culture and the types of people potentially lurking around these sites.


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