Confessing honestly.

Finally back with a Korean film. I randomly stumbled on this while looking for another film called ‘Confessions’. I wasn’t going to watch this but then I saw the plot summary and thought why not?

So, three childhood friends are in a shamble when 2 of them caused an accidental death.

From the get-go, you get to know their characters as they are pretty stereotypical characters of a childhood type thing. You have the silly dude, the calm and responsible one and the not so responsible nor calm one.

In terms of acting, each lead does their thing well. The story reinforces that as the movie start off with them in high school and then proceeds into their adult lives.

We all have seen this type of film before but again it’s always nice to know the how more than the what. From the get-go, audiences knows the truth but the other characters don’t.  So mostly you ponder about how are things gonna go down and end. In terms of that, I always welcome these types of plot lines but I feel they could have gone a lot farther than they did here.

There’s a lot of potential but they didn’t really use it well. Many side-characters could have created more interesting sub-plots throughout the film but it seems the production was totally fine with just dealing with how the brothers would react to what happened in the film. Though, I do have to say the ending does end on a more emotional mindset than the rest of the film in where I didn’t really expect that to happen.

In terms of cinematography, the vibe and atmosphere is done well but again it’s been done before and audiences knows what to expect. With that said, I do appreciate the usage of the movement of camera in terms of revealing what a character is thinking. Some examples are when the lead is in the center of the shot and something happens off camera, the camera pans to include both the lead and the thing that happened.

So all in all, Confessions is an alright film for its genre. It doesn’t go into any risky territory despite its genre. I would say this is a good movie to reintroduce yourself to how Korean films nowadays are and how they are different to your typical Hollywood ones.  Mind you, I like this movie in terms of that I can’t get a good one in this genre in Hollywood, so there’s that.


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