Oh, a train movie?!

So Judd Apatow is back. Finally. It may seem like he’s been around all this time since his name is always being mentioned in films. This is 40.  But really, when you look at it, Trainwreck is only his 5th film yet his name is a synonymous for raunchy comedies.  I mean seriously, that poster should say “From the guy who brought you THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN” cause he only produced Bridesmaid. But anyway, let’s get back on track.

So this movie is enjoyable.

Audiences would probably like this a lot more (and tons of people are raving about this and its score of 85% on RT as of writing), if they watched Amy’s Comedy Central stuff. I for one have not so the only draw that I had from the trailers was Bill Hader and a Lebron cameo.  Hader was great in Skeleton Twins but I wasn’t too sure about this until I heard about how well this was being received.

So I watched it with that mindset and the result?

Like I said, this movie is enjoyable.

The cast is great all around.  Cameos thrown left and right are great fun.  Lebron James is no cameo but rather a supporting cast which is great and he was really amusing. Tilda Swinton was also amazing, I didn’t even recognize her as Amy’s boss until I looked up the credits.  Brie Larson foiled Amy’s character really well, playing her sister. And oh yeah, John Cena, oh my god, seriously this guy delivered a lot of laughs for sure.

Ok, enough about the supporting cast. How did the leads themselves do?

Well, Bill Hader was enjoyable and played a rather likeable dude and his bantering with Lebron was great fun, nothing to complain about here. Hader, from recent memory and wiki, seems to have always been in the supporting role and for him to star in a lead role so effortlessly is really great on his part but in terms of his actual character, we all have seen some sort of Aaron before in some film. So its not a break-out role, but regardless good on him for landing this gig.

Now, the main main character. Amy Schumer playing Amy, sounds a bit autobiographic doesn’t it? It probably actually is if I watch her Comedy Central stuff but then again I might not since she did that GQ thing with the unsanctioned Star Wars  photo shoot,  just from that you get an idea of what she’s all about.  Anyway back to the film.  She was great.  She isn’t your typical love interest in a love comedy. She’s easy to dislike as she doesn’t fit the mold but at the same time you sort of root for her cause her character is much more realistic than your typical Hollywood character.

Do note that Amy herself wrote this and the laughs are just great throughout.  And even if Amy is not onscreen, the great supporting cast has this movie locked down for the laughs.

Now, no movie is perfect and Trainwreck certainly is not though the comedy is pretty much golden here. The problems I have with it are the more drama heavy portions of the film where it feels very formulaic in the sense we have seen it before and it becomes rather predictable and a tad bit boring for my taste.

If you just watch the trailers, this seems like a straight up raunchy comedy but rather it is a drama comedy. The raunchy-ness is front and center in the beginning of the film but once the relationship starts going it dials it back down and the drama is turned up.  We have the side-plot about Amy and her relationship with her sister and her dad which I found at first totally fine but it got stale.  Furthermore, the actual ‘love’ plot is pretty predictable and really Hollywood, though I did enjoy the whole ‘do not go to sleep angry’ scenes, I really wish that she would have turned that love plot on its head and treated it differently. For the family relationships, I wish Amy didn’t pull that thing and mess up their relationship. I felt that their sisterhood was a great redeeming factor and for her to throw even that out was a bit of a stretch. And oh, this movie was too long. It could’ve been shorten by like 15 minutes for sure.

But beyond all that, this movie was enjoyable. It’s really nice to see Apatow finally behind the camera instead of producing. I mean it has been getting exhausting to see his name attached to all these mediocre comedies but to have him finally return and deliver Trainwreck was a great comeback.

I hope all who worked on this film continue to get great gigs and deliver fine performances cause they certainly deserve it.


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